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Images from a 30-day, 280-mile (450-km) traverse of Iceland, north to south, in July 2009. Our route consisted of five stages, running from Ásbyrgi to Mývatn to Askja to Nýidalur to Lambaskarðshólar to Vik.

Roughly 90 percent of the journey route was off trail, with the remainder on trails and dirt roads. Along the way, we crossed some 50 rivers and 5 glaciers, plus countless lava fields, deserts, (more or less) dormant volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls, snowfields, canyons, grassy fields, and geothermal areas. We had three rest days and food resupplies every four to seven days, at the end of each stage.

A special thanks to my fellow coast-to-coasters for making this the trip of a lifetime — Pauline, Ted, Kornelius, Thomas, Jens, Paolo, and our guide, Robert. Thanks also to “the girls,” who joined us on stage four, for the innumerable laughs. And kudos to Icelandic Mountain Guides for organizing a splendid trip.